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Current Issue
Volume -1 | Issue - 1 | 2023
Issue Period: July'23 - Sep'23
Publish Date: 20-Sep-2023
20/Sep/2023 Original Research

The Science of Innovation: Towards Developing a Theory of Innovation

Ritu Aggarwal, Avinash C Sharma

DOI: IJIMSR.2023.1101

Pages: 1-17
Graphical Abstract
20/Sep/2023 Original Research

A Modified Binary Jaya Optimization Algorithm and its Application in Feature Selection

Manpreet Singh, Rajesh Ranjan, Jitender Kumar Chhabra

DOI: IJIMSR.2023.1102

Pages: 18-34
20/Sep/2023 Original Research

An Improved Decision Tree Algorithm for Text Classification and Visualization

K.Srinivas, G. Madhukar Rao

DOI: IJIMSR.2023.1103

Pages: 35-42
20/Sep/2023 Original Research

Inverse Cooking Recipe Generation from Food Images Using Hybrid Approaches

Raman Dugyala, L. Sukanya, Vijendar Reddy Gurram

DOI: IJIMSR.2023.1104

Pages: 43-51
20/Sep/2023 Original Research

Pollination Based Optimization: A New Global Optimization Algorithm and its Application to Paddy Disease Detection

Shakti Kumar, Ajay Singh, Rahul Sharma, Amar Singh

DOI: IJIMSR.2023.1105

Pages: 52-65
20/Sep/2023 Original Research

Kidney Stone Detection using Fuzzy C-means Clustering

T. Tirupal, V. Sai Charan Reddy, C. Manoj, S. Venumadhav, A. Mahesh, B. Rakesh

DOI: IJIMSR.2023.1106

Pages: 66-72
20/Sep/2023 Original Research

Early Prediction of Breast Cancer Risks Using Convolutional Neural Network

Dr. D Jaya Kumari, K Praveen Kumar

DOI: IJIMSR.2023.1107

Pages: 73-80
20/Sep/2023 Original Research

A Novel Smart Resilient Protective System Design

Aravelli S L K Gopalamma, Srinu Naik R

DOI: IJIMSR.2023.1108

Pages: 81-90
20/Sep/2023 Original Research

Estimation of Vegetation Index over the State of Sikkim

K C Gouda, Reshma Kumari

DOI: IJIMSR.2023.1109

Pages: 91-96

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2nd Issue

Last Date : 31st Oct 2023

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