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The Science of Innovation: Towards Developing a Theory of Innovation - Volume -1 | Issue - 1 | 2023, (July'23 - Sep'23 )


Category: Social Sciences

Published Date: 20-Sep-2023

Graphical Abstract

Ritu Aggarwal, Avinash C Sharma


Innovation, social physics, super-exponential, multidisciplinary

The present paper attempts to improve our understanding of the phenomenon called innovation and establish the science of it; from a perspective of a social physics modeling and theories in the spirit of conventional domains of physical sciences. Thus, aims to have a deeper insight into the concept, the properties & the dynamics of innovation, fostering the mindset of an innovative mind, developing a culture of innovation; and thereafter move towards developing a universal theory of innovation. The theory is expected to have significant impact on a wide range of domains of human activities, including mutual interactions and with nature and beyond. This would also go a long way in ensuring solutions for a sustainable quality of life on this planet as envisioned in SDGs enunciated by UNO.

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