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Web Based Attendance Capturing System Using Semantic Segmentation - Volume -2 | Issue - 1 | 2024, (JAN-MAR)


Category: Engineering & Technology

Published Date: 15-May-2024

Graphical Abstract

Dr. Praveen Kumar Yechuri, Rajesh Yamparala


Feature extraction, Image segmentation, Semantics, ResNet

Now a days taking of attendance has been a critical factors which is why the technological advancement have been getting larger the security features will indeed play a crucial part to minimise the fraudulent activity of modern trend in face recognition in conversely to further enrolment system framework like palmprint participation, iris participation capturing, log books attendance and the palm-based attendance etc has the supremacy in interaction free manner and currently it plays a key role in the pre-eminent technologies in enlargement. regardless of the fact that there are numerous attendances collecting systems that employs Biometric, Radio Frequencies in Domain of taking Attendance. A major face recognition viewpoint which is built upon the ResNet and The Semantic Segmentation has indeed been Introduced in the study.
In This study a residual learning strategy has entered play using a Segmentation procedure which create the networks considerably broader than the Preceding Networks. By incorporating the Innovation of the Semantic Segmentation As well as the Recurrent neural Architecture we can extract Even the pixel details. With the Support of ResNet Architecture we also incorporated the Skip connections in which we Issue related collection of the Images and performance the improvement by extraction of features and once the pathway is suited then we indicate the Attendance.

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